education - J Adam Fenster
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Dasypus novemcinctus (nine-banded armadillo). Distribution: Found in North, Central and South America, Conservation status: not threatened, common. The ornate stand is typical of mounts made by Ward’s Natural Science Establishment in the late 1800’s. Also notable is the taxidermy, for example there is half of the carapace removed on the tail to show the underlying bone structure. // Items from the University of Rochester’s former natural history museum are photographed in Hutchison Hall March 20, 2018 to promote The Ward Project, a new collaborative initiative that aims to enable scientists, historians, and archivists to recreate the inventory of Professor Henry A. Ward, a Rochester faculty member from 1862-1875, who founded Ward's Natural Science Establishment in 1862, by linking 19th century collections at their institutions to the original catalogues, bulletins, and manuscripts as well as document Ward's impact on scientific study and education, and acknowledge his enduring legacy. Co-led by Robert Minckley, Senior Lecturer of Biology, and Melissa Mead, John M. and Barbara Keil University Archivist and Rochester Collections Librarian, the initiative is supported by the Departments of Biology and Earth & Environmental Studies, and the River Campus Libraries (RCL). // photo by J. Adam Fenster / University of Rochester

Henry A. Ward project